Two respected artists, a one of a kind collection combining their individual talents and a desire to collaborate.
Hand drawn monograms by Gabrielle. Hand cut, shaped and brought to life by Jenny.


Jenny Greco is a jewellery designer located in the Historic Distillery District in Toronto. Her pieces combine the beauty of precious metals
and specially selected woods.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design (O.C.A.D.), Jenny has been working as a full time jeweler for the past five years. Conceptually her unique work is inspired by architecture, life science and her ever changing surroundings.  She combines organic elements such as wood and stone with industrial materials and precious metals where she strives to find balance and harmony with these elements. Her techniques and choice of materials make Jenny Greco jewelry… Art for the Body

You can see more of Jenny’s work at > www.jennygreco.com


Passionate about all things creative, Toronto-based Graphic Designer and Visual Artist Gabrielle Lasporte has been the creator of many diverse art pieces across many forms of media.  She mainly designs works in the mostly unknown medium of Modern Batik (creating artwork by applying wax and dyes on fabric). During her career, Gabrielle has found much inspiration in the female form. She uses feminine beauty and the essence of nature to reveal the struggles, victories and character of womankind itself.

To read more about Gabrielle and to view her work, please visit www.bygabrielle.com